Partner Exercise

Partnerform - Bild Ⓒ Max Edvardson

Partner Form

In the older Kung Fu styles, the movement sequences are not passed on by the hand forms alone. Partner forms, deepen and consolidate what we have learned and ensure that

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Zi Sau - Bild Ⓒ Max Edvardson

Ci Sau

The Ci Sau exercise improves Infight skills and promotes control and speed. Often, Ci Sau is considered synonymous with Wing Chun, and many people assume they can fight with Ci

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Daa Saam Sing - Bild Ⓒ Max Edvardson

Daa Saam Sing

Daa Saam Sing (Hitting Three Stars) is a method common in many Kung Fu styles to increase tenacity, endurance and hand-foot coordination. In Siu Lam Wing Chun, Daa Saam Sing

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