Self Defence

The students explore the unarmed fight at five distances. To learn to handle a self defence situation, we first start from a zero distance – without contact. Afterwards the kicking distance – only kicks are possible. After that the punching distance – possibility to beat, grappling – clasps and throws, finally down to groundfight – both partners are on the ground. The techniques and strategies are considered separately first, later, in the practice situation, we bridge the distances to bring down the attacker.

More and more there is a transfer from form training to unarmed fight. After that the hand form is being revised and updated on the basis of application and experience.

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Siu Lam Wing Chun Kyun is the name of our martial art. Translated, this means “The Fistfight of Everlasting Spring from the Shaolin Temple.” Boxing Sports Boxing is a widely

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As a martial art with a South Chinese origin (Kung Fu), the main focus of the Siu Lam Wing Chun is on the fistfight. The martial art (Wu Shu) from

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This is about the application and defence of grip, holding and leveraging techniques and throws. In physical confrontation, grappling can have an deescalating effect on what is happening and it

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In self defence situations, groundfight must be avoided in any case. Still, groundfight experience can have a positive effect on the outcome of a physical altercation. Many self defence situations

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