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Baat Dyun Gam

The Brocade Hands (Baat Dyun Gam, Ba Duan Jin)  or Eight Noble Exercises have an impressive effect on health and stimulate the flow of Chi.

These Siu Lam Chi Kung exercises …

  • strengthen the respiratory organs and limbs,
  • the joints become more flexible,
  • the sense of balance is trained,
  • have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • they also promote mental health.

Sequence of brocade hands

  • Propping up the sky
  • Taming the bow to both sides
  • Regulate stomach and spleen
  • Leaving diseases and ailments behind
  • Swinging the head and tail bone
  • Holding your feet with two hands
  • Bale the fists with flaming gaze
  • Healing Disbalances and Diseases

In addition, there is the possibility to practice the exercises in modified form even while sitting.