berlin siu lam wing chun pai Welcome to a Free and Independent School for Siu Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu and Chi Kung.

We Have Fun. Far Away from Mainstream and Consumption
Wing Chun Sophisticated
Our Group Travelled to the Very Outlying Areas to the Origins of the Siu Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The Complete Wing Chun of the Tang Family.
Siu Lam slider 5 Martial Arts School of the Year !
Winner of the Category Martial Arts Schools

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Getting Started

Siu Lam Wing Chun from the Scratch

Ideal for Self-Awareness, Health,
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3. 2. 1. Fight

The Most Effective Program of Struggle Since We Are in Berlin

Ideal for Self-Defence, Fitness, Assertiveness.

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Relaxed through the Day

Dive into our Siu Lam Chi Kung

Ideal for Relaxation, Balance,
Centering, Clearing the Mind.

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Our little Start-Ups

Kung Fu for Kids and Youth

Ideal for Self-Assertion, Learn to Follow Goals.
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Our community is the basis of the training relationship

Go the First Step Into a Well-Founded, Individual Apprenticeship.

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berlin siu lam wing chun pai
Pela & Scholz GbR
Conrad-Blenkle-Strasse 2
DE-10407 Berlin

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The Legend of the Fist

Find Out All About the Origin of Our Siu Lam Wing Chun

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