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Kung Fu lessons from anywhere with Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy

The fascination of Kung Fu from China and Hong Kong via Hollywood is unbroken worldwide. The Chinese martial arts style has a long tradition. The Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy, which offers a Kung Fu online course, ensures that it can keep up with the times despite its originality. Especially in times of the Corona pandemic – which is characterized by contact restrictions and even contact bans – the platform offers an ideal opportunity to learn the art of Kung Fu from home.

The Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy stands for enthusiasm

The e-learning platform Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy was founded by Bettina Pela, Peter Scholz and Max Kraft, who together also run a school for Siu Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu in Berlin. In 2020, this was named martial arts school of the year in Berlin. So the founders of Vade Mecum know what Kung Fu is all about and stand for transparency and fairness. The Academy offers systematized Kung Fu online courses in the areas of Kung Fu. The learning content is clearly structured and the instructional videos are comprehensible at all times.

The different courses

A personal login gives subscribers individual access to the streaming service and the virtual training area – without secrets or hidden costs. All tutorials are kept factual and goal-oriented and mostly consist of three different perspectives and angles. The respective structure is logical and consecutive and always follows a common thread – including detailed information and exercises.
Each subscriber can choose his own training pace and design without time restrictions. By uploading their own training videos, learners can have their individual training progress evaluated by a Siu Lam Wing Chun instructor.
An example of a Kung Fu online course: The first Kung Fu online course is the Wing Chun Kyun hand form. This is the form that gave the style its name. Over six hours of studio quality video footage was produced for this course alone. The videos were shot in stunning 4K quality and are available with loop and slow motion functionality.

Vade Mecum is a promise

Peter Scholz has dedicated his life to Kung Fu for more than 20 years and has acquired a profound knowledge of the martial art during this time. He passed on this wealth of experience to his master student Max Kraft, which laid the foundation for the Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy. This enables Scholz to pass on the martial art Siu Lam Wing Chun to motivated students. Siu Lam is the Cantonese pronunciation for Shaolin. Wing Chun translated means something like “everlasting spring”.
In order for this style to continue, you can attend Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy’s Kung Fu Online course, which, in addition to learning a legendary martial art, has a nice side effect: you stay fit, which is not a given in times of the Corona crisis – when hardly any group sports are allowed anymore. Vade Mecum represents the alternative in martial arts.

About Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy

The e-learning platform Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy was founded by Bettina Pela, Peter Scholz and Max Kraft. Of course, in Corona times this offers the opportunity to continue to offer training and learn new things. A Vade Mecum is originally a booklet or handy, small-format book, which is carried as a useful companion at work, on trips or other life situations on the body or now just online. The idea of such an online academy with such a structured and systematized concept has matured over years.

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