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Kids Training

In our groups of schoolchildren, the children train in a mixed age group.

This has the advantage that the younger children can learn from the older ones and take their cue from them, while the older ones act as role models in their respective roles.

Responsible for the training is our team of martial arts/budo/educators (BA), physiotherapist, educationalist.

In order to do justice to the respective level of performance and physical ability and to ensure adequate training support, two teachers/trainers are usually present in the training sessions, where the children are divided into appropriate training groups.

The change of the school children to the youths takes place “gradually”, i.e. individual older children get the possibility to change to the training of the youths for a few weeks and at the same time still participate in the children’s training.

This gives them the security of what they are used to and allows them to first try out a new role as a “youth” and orient themselves in the new group. They determine the tempo of the transition for themselves.