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Youth training


The will to learn Kung Fu and the willingness to invest time, vim and energy. The transition from children’s to youth training is optimal.


90 minutes to ensure effective and efficient training, twice a week; In addition, the older adolescents from the age of 17 have the opportunity to participate in selected adult training units, which makes it easier for them to cross over to the next age group.

Age and upgrowth oriented goals

Responsible for the training is our team of martial arts/budo/educators (BA), physiotherapist, educationalist.

Target group: Teenagers aged 12-16 / 17 years old

  • Golden Learning Age
  • Adapt existing motor skills to greater physical performance
  • Maintaining a high level of coordination
  • Tactical/ Specific training for Kung Fu
  • Fix motion deficits and correct movement errors
  • Automation of movement sequences

Older youth are invited to participate in certain adult trainings.