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Zi Sin

The exact location of the Southern Shaolin Temple is unclear, but the temple is believed to have been in Fukien or Guangdong Province. Zu dieser Zeit gab es viele buddhistische Tempel, beinahe jeder hatte eine oder mehrere Kampfkunsthallen.

According to the legend, when the southern Shaolin Temple was destroyed, five monks escaped. One of them was the abbot, Zi Sin Sin Si.

He hid in different places and taught his martial arts to different people. The aim was always to teach the people martial arts and thus support the resistance against the government of the Qing Dynasty. For this purpose, the ability of self-defense had to be taught as quickly as possible. Often Zi Sin was only in one place for a few months before he had to move on.

The sources of Siu Lam Wing Chun go back to places in Guangdong province. Among others, Zi Sin taught Loeng Bok Lau in Dungguan and Yeung Tim in Foshan. On the boat of a Guangdong opera group, he taught Wong Waa Bou and Loeng Ji Dai. In Qing Yuen, he hid in the Fei Loi Buddhist Temple and taught Tang Bun and Tang Zau, in Guangxi he taught Jim Ji Gung, passed by Guangxi Ba Bai Mountain, and in Longcheng he taught another student whose name was Long.

Whether the monk’s name was ultimately Zi Sin, and whether these oral traditions always involved one and the same monk, remains unclear. To date, there is no documented evidence of this.