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Partner form

In the kung fu training of older styles such as Wing Chun, hand forms teach movement sequences. Partner forms also play an important role in deepening and consolidating what has been learned. When training partner forms, students put the skills they have learned into practice. Learning partner forms is an essential part of Kung Fu […]

Ci Sau

In the West, the spelling “Chi Sao” is often used. In our region, however, we prefer the spelling “Ci Sau” as it is closer to the actual pronunciation. Ci Sau is a fundamental exercise in Wing Chun, a traditional Chinese martial art that focuses on efficiency and self-defense. This exercise, also known as “sticking hands”, […]

Daa Saam Sing

Daa Saam Sing (Three Star Striking) is a common method in many Kung Fu styles to increase stubbornness, endurance and hand-foot coordination. In Siu Lam Wing Chun, Daa Saam Sing is one of the basic partner exercises. It is trained with both hands while simultaneously stepping to train and develop hand bridges, avoidance and evasion […]