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Kung Fu lessons from anywhere with Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy

The fascination of Kung Fu from China and Hong Kong via Hollywood is unbroken worldwide. The Chinese martial arts style has a long tradition. The Vade Mecum Martial Arts Academy, which offers a Kung Fu online course, ensures that it can keep up with the times despite its originality. Especially in times of the Corona […]

Self defense: Questions and answers

Various service providers regularly offer courses in self-defense, sometimes as a four-hour crash course, or over the course of a few weeks to months. But what is really important? What effort do you have to expect? What benefit should the course have for you? Which scope makes sense at all? Here you will find answers to the most important questions, if the topic is interesting for you.

What makes Siu Lam Wing Chun so special

Siu Lam Wing Chun The Chinese Characters of Siu Lam “Wing Chun”: 永春 (Everlasting Spring) The hand forms of the Siu Lam Wing Chun go back to the Lo Family, Tang Family and Fung Siu Cing. According to the legends the families got taught by descendants of Southern Shaolin. The hand shapes are called: Wing […]

start Siu Lam Wing Chun

Beginner training: In traditional Kung Fu, there is a didactic approach that allows beginners and advanced students to train together. This means that our advanced students are also present. The students are picked up exactly where they are. The advanced students are always ready to support the beginners in the exercises. Our program provides plenty […]

Where does our boxing method come from?

In boxing there are countless boxing drills through which the boxer develops his skills. In Kung Fu there are hand forms. These forms of traditional martial arts are a string of real combat situations, which if it is a style of fistfighting, are trained as a boxing drill, alone and with a partner. Our hand […]