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Double Knives

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Double Knives

The double knives (Soeng Dou) are an important practice weapon in the Siu Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu. Building on the use of the short sticks with which this special training begins, a variety of partner exercises are practiced.
The concepts that distinguish the martial art are evident in use with this weapon and subsequently have a decisive influence on the weaponless struggle due to the body memory of the practitioners.

Wu Dip Dou

In the following video Sifu Peter Scholz shows the Butterfly Knives (Wu Dip Dou) of GM Pan Nam at the  Dragon Cup 2019 in Berlin.


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A short sticks exercise. The short sticks are perfect for hand-eye-coordination and whole body movement and coordination.

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We had a wonderful end of year celebration and here are a few clips from our Siu Lam Wing Chun demonstration. Many people don’t know our style yet, as it is the old Wing Chun style. Here we show parts of the #saamBaaiFat hand form, #soengDou the double knives, #wingChunKyun the hand form that once gave the style its name, parts of our special long pole #lukDimBunGwan, also the long pole dummy #gwanPaai and the #wingChunZong, the Wing Chun wooden dummy. Have fun and enjoy, we wish you a good time and an excellent start into 2023. May peace and understanding, confidence and loyalty, trust, love and courage be our constant companions to meet the challenges of the future to make this planet the place of people it deserves to be!

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Pfingstcamp 2022. The new generation of siu lam wing chun practitioners. Some could finish the Saam Baai Fat handform 🙏🙏🙏 and we started with short sticks. The youngest learned the first half of Saam Baai Fat. All did great and trained very hard 💪💪🔥🔥🔥 ...

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Exercise with the sticks. #showmeyourkungfu ...

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Some exercises with the short sticks 🥢 ...

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Practicing some basic movements with the sticks... #🥢 ...

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Double Sticks practice this evening #🥢 ...

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