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Jik Gan Ging

A special form of Siu Lam Chi Kung (Shaolin Qi Gong) is the school for the transformation of tendons and ligaments. The connective tissue, which has become fashionable, has been trained here for a long time. This ancient form of Chi Kung is part of Siu Lam Wing Chum practice.

Sequence of the Jik Gan Ging 14

  • The golden turtle 
  • The hug 
  • Holding the golden bowl 
  • The bunny from Jade bathes in the sun 
  • The Little Elixir Field – Getting the Moon Out of the Sea 
  • The Immortal Crane stretches its wings 
  • The agile cat catches the rat 
  • The whipping hands 
  • The thrusting palms of the white monkey 
  • The Swallow divides the clouds 
  • Lead the Lambs 
  • The snake writhes its body 
  • The elephant shakes its head 
  • The golden turtle