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Exercises for your health:

Chi Kung is more than just a method of exercise – it is a philosophy and state of mind that combines personal attitude and practice. Its purpose is not only to prevent disease, but also to promote and maintain health. Through the exercises, the individual’s sense of vitality is increased, the constitution is strengthened and a better sense of self is achieved.

Chi Kung also has lasting effects on muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, bones and the cardiovascular system. It promotes flexibility, coordinative skills, sense of rhythm, movement coupling and fitness. Young or old, anyone can learn and adapt the exercises to suit their own condition.

Not just physical exercise:

It is important to give oneself time to cultivate a harmonious flow of energy and release blockages before they manifest in physical and/or mental ailments. Reckless abandon in the exercises can be harmful.

Chi Kung is not only a physical exercise, but also a spiritual practice that can help lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. Be inspired by the positive effects on body, mind and spirit and take the time to explore this wonderful practice.

Jik Gan Ging

A special form of Siu Lam Chi Kung (Shaolin Qi Gong) is the school for the transformation of tendons and ligaments. The connective tissue, which has become

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Baat Dyun Gam

The Brocade Hands (Baat Dyun Gam, Ba Duan Jin)  or Eight Noble Exercises have an impressive effect on health and stimulate the flow of Chi. These Siu

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