Tang Family

Tang Syun

Part of the Audio Recording¹ of GM Tang Yik from the 1960s. Translation from Cantonese: Janet Yuen, Jennifer Kronovet and Peter Scholz. For a better understanding we reconstructed some year dates according

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Wing Chun Kyun - Bild Ⓒ Max Edvardson

Wing Chun Kyun

The Wing Chun Kyun hand form is the core of the martial art and at the same time its eponym: Wing Chun Kyun, the everlasting spring fistfighting. The form consists

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Soeng Kung - Bild Ⓒ Max Edvardson

Soeng Gung

The Soeng Gung (Double Force) originated from Yeung Tim and entered the curriculum of the Tang Family via Tang Pok. The form combines the hand techniques with the special footwork

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Longpole - Picture Ⓒ Max Edvardson


Origin of the Longpole The longpole (Luk Dim Bun Gwan, 6.5 points Longpole) with its exceptional form is the specialty of the Tang Family. Parts of this form, however, are

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Holzpuppe - Bild Ⓒ Max Edvardson

Muk Jan Zong

Wooden Dummy The wooden dummy, modeled after a human being, is an elementary and perfect training device at Siu Lam Wing Chun. Dummy training not only promotes impact and foot

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Langstockpuppe - Bild Ⓒ Max Edvardson

Gwan Paai

Parts of the Siu Lam Wing Chun have their origin in the curriculum of the Tang Family and that includes a unique training device, the longpole dummy. The longpole techniques

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