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Wooden Dummy

The Wooden Dummy Training

For every situation and intention the right dummy. We distinguish two types of wooden dummies: – Muk Jan Zong, which is the wooden dummy for training unarmed combat – Gwan Paai, which is the wooden dummy for long stick training Due to the number of dummies available, it is possible to acquire this elementary knowledge together in the group. Beginners learn the form on simple dummies. More experienced practitioners switch to the swinging dummies, which are based on the model from the Dai Dak Lan, but which can be provided with different arm strengths and lengths, depending on your needs. The wooden dummy training is the encounter with oneself. Every action comes back one-to-one to the one who faces it, whether through punching power and footwork, speed and sensitivity, or alignment in space and fighting spirit.

Mobile dummies for your own training