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Ci Sau

In the West, the spelling “Chi Sao” is often used. In our region, however, we prefer the spelling “Ci Sau” as it is closer to the actual pronunciation.

Ci Sau is a fundamental exercise in Wing Chun, a traditional Chinese martial art that focuses on efficiency and self-defense. This exercise, also known as “sticking hands”, improves hand-to-hand combat skills, promotes control and increases speed and agility. Here, the practitioner’s arms are linked with the partner’s arms to apply gentle pressure and controlled movements. The goal is not to defeat your partner, but to train your own defense skills.

We offer Ci Sau in different levels.

Level 1:

Here we train the generic Ci Sau from Hong Kong, as practiced in the Loeng Zaan and Yip Man lineage. This is often not considered by Siu Lam Wing Chun teachers to be a correct or effective form. Probably 95% of Wing Chun schools are Yip Man Wing Chun schools. The exchange is important to us, as is the sporting cooperation. Here, the generic Yip Man Ci Sau forms an excellent basis for mutual exchange, even if it is limited due to its purely frontal orientation.

Level 2:

Here we will focus more on the Ci Sau of Siu Lam Wing Chun. It becomes increasingly more agile, we use both frontal and lateral alignment and make use of the 17 possible bridge hands with which we practise drills and applications from the hand forms in Ci Sau Level 2. These advanced techniques allow practitioners to further refine their skills and adapt to different situations.

However, Ci Sau is not a competition or a competitive discipline. It is a training method to improve one’s self-defense skills. To be able to defend yourself effectively, it is important to complete the entire Siu Lam Wing Chun training and to master various aspects of the martial art.