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Partner exercises


Siu Lam Wing Chun places a special focus on partner exercises such as Ci Sau (Chi Sao) applications from the hand form, wooden dummy applications and also sparring. These exercises are closely related to the forms of Wing Chun and serve to refine the applicability in real combat.

The aim is not to perform a dance, but rather to transfer the principles and concepts underlying the forms to the partner exercises. In this way, a high degree of adaptability is achieved, which not only has a positive effect in the self-defense situation, but is also of great importance for health in bio-, psycho- and social terms.

Partner exercises:

Partner exercises such as Ci Sau promote the ability to react quickly and effectively to unforeseen situations, while the applications from the wooden dummy help to improve physical dexterity and coordination. Sparring is an important exercise to apply and test what has been learned in a realistic situation.

Principles and concepts:

Siu Lam Wing Chun follows a holistic approach that promotes both physical and mental health. The partner exercises play an important role in this, as they not only improve physical fitness, but also help to develop social skills such as empathy and respect.

In our training we put special emphasis on the partner exercises, as they help to put the principles and concepts of Wing Chun into practice. With the applications from the wooden dummy, Ci Sau and sparring, we train effective techniques while improving our physical and mental health.

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