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Self defense

Health and fitness are the basics for a successful defense against adverse external influences. However, Siu Lam Wing Chun is about more than just fast and hard hitting. Our martial art promotes the ability to defend oneself in the sense of self-defense law in a variety of crisis situations by training self-control and overview and teaching the targeted use of reflexes without unintentionally injuring the attacker.

Our training is based on specific concepts and principles of movement that make it possible to overcome even great challenges, regardless of body size and weight. We divide unarmed combat into individual areas with special emphasis to ensure successful counterattack.

Discover Siu Lam Wing Chun now and become part of a martial art that challenges and promotes both body and mind. Join us and let our experienced trainers introduce you to the art of self-defense.


Siu Lam Wing Chun Kyun is the name of our martial art. Translated, it means “The Fist Fight of the Perpetual Spring from Shaolin Temple”. Box sport

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In self defence situations, groundfight must be avoided in any case. Still, groundfight experience can have a positive effect on the outcome of a physical altercation. Many

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This is about the application and defence of grip, holding and leveraging techniques and throws. In physical confrontation, grappling can have an deescalating effect on what is

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As a martial art with a South Chinese origin (Kung Fu), the main focus of the Siu Lam Wing Chun is on the fistfight. The martial art

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Wing Chun training to improve self-defense skills

Partner form

In the kung fu training of older styles such as Wing Chun, hand forms teach movement sequences. Partner forms also play an important role in deepening and

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Ci Sau

In the West, the spelling “Chi Sao” is often used. In our region, however, we prefer the spelling “Ci Sau” as it is closer to the actual

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Daa Saam Sing

Daa Saam Sing (Three Star Striking) is a common method in many Kung Fu styles to increase stubbornness, endurance and hand-foot coordination. In Siu Lam Wing Chun,

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